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having trauma feels. cw for mentions of abuse, manipulation, sexual coercion of a minor, panic attacks, etc.

These people have a way of making us feel guilty for leaving. Why should we be guilty? For leaving? If they werent fucking abusive asshats we wouldnt have left. WHat about that is hard to understand. Why do we struggle so much to understand that. Wh y is Twelve still throwing these memories around like water balloons , one of them was verbally abusive and emotionally manipulative and we had panic attacks when we realized she was Nearby again, and the other was a goddamn fucking 26 year old woman who manipulated us, disrspected us constantly, and tried to sexually coerce us at one point. these people dont desrve pity, these people are not worthy of our Guilt, fuck them fuck them fuck them we arent in the wrong this time. We aren't in the wrong this time. i hate them so much

Date: 2015-01-22 04:33 am (UTC)
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empathetic warm thoughts your way :c


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