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Jan. 31st, 2015 05:40 pm
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Body name: Logan

Logan -> Mercury
Six -> Sam
Twelve -> Sandalwood
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  • an elf near to death is taken in by a lion/human shapeshifter, and in return must help her defeat the dragon terrorizing the area.
  • a demon wants to become a cook, but the ingredients at the center of the earth are mostly lava-based, so the demon gets a job as a cook for a divine. however, it turns out the divines eat humans, and this one in particular has sent the demon out to hunt down one particular human with a "good" (read: "well-seasoned") soul. instead, the demon decides to protect the human.
  • a traveling mouse arrives in a mouse city only to be dubbed a savior by the local prophet. thus begins a long and gruling training process marked by several mini-climaxes, only for the former traveling mouse to discover they do indeed hold some power
  • a fisher's daughter is blamed for the death of her little brother, even though it wasn't her fault. she runs away and is taken in by a vampire. they teach each other trust.
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having trauma feels. cw for mentions of abuse, manipulation, sexual coercion of a minor, panic attacks, etc.

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(sorry for all the lists -Darby)

Six - nonbinary girl (she/her/hers) - aromantic asexual biQP
Darby - femme genderqueer (sie/sem/sier or they/them/their) - demi-nomaromantic asexual
Nix - masc genderqueer (de/dim/dis or they/them/their) - aromantic demi-bisexual

everyone else is either a kid or roughly 110% aroace-aQP or both
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Logan: monitor objecthead - computerkin, Nate River (death note) fictkin
Darby: deity of positivity and warmth - cervidkin
Nix: deity of vengence and blood - monsterkin, Light Yagami (death note) fictkin, Grendel (beowulf; grendel) fictkin
Six: question mark objecthead - cloverkin, faekin
Ell: prophet of fortune - oceankin, lobsterkin, lionkin, Mail Jeevas (death note) fictkin, Greg (over the garden wall) fictkin, Benny (lego movie) fictkin, many more fictkin

EDIT: Gonna start using "forms" to refer to non-otherkin nonhuman identities. -Six
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  • Going back to school, because we're trying to transfer for a reason, dammit, and going back is counterproductive, but we don't have much of a choice, and it's only a week, but still.
  • Therapy, because we like our current therapist but she doesn't specialize in the things we deal with and thus can only help us so much, and we need so much help it's not even funny, and we need a new therapist asap.
  • Meds, because the ones we're on now are shit and we need something else, or at least to get off this crap, but we need a psychiatrist for that, which we do not have.
  • Getting a job sometime in the next few months, because we really want to start saving up money for a bike and the only sources of income we have at the moment are lunch money and the possibility of selling our stuff, neither of which is a very good source of income, but on the other hand we don't have our bearings yet and going into work at this point would be kind of inadvisable at best.
  • Therapy, because we need to get help for Ell, our system little, and we don't know what to do for vem, and it sucks.
  • College (????), even though we'll probably just go to the local community college and let Darby get an associate's in religious studies, it's still a Concern, yknow?
  • Post-graduation plans, because at the moment our plans look like this:
"Get a job." -Six
"Get better therpy and maybe a support group irl," -Six
"Get an A.A. in Religious Studies" -Darby
"Become a Unitarian Universalist minister" -Darby
"Buy an old condemned house and fix it up with all this money we don't have" -Nix
"Become a tarot-reader-for-hire and part-time vampire" -Nix

Needless to say, we have a lot to figure out.


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