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sorry we post so much about that stuff, please dont feel pressured to read or reply to those posts! we're just getting some things out is all :'- D it's just venting, so don't worry!!


Jan. 28th, 2015 09:23 pm
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so we've been thinking about writing a sort of, not a memoir but a novel based on Us? like a novel about a bunch of systemmates going through the same stuff as us. like a fictionalized memoir i think? idk, it just sounds like... like "write what you know", that kind of thing. writing is hard for us because we can't stick to a single thing (which might partially be because Ell is so flickery about fiction). but writing about ourselves under the guise of fiction might work better? it's something to try out!
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we made icons of us!!! :- D

Me, Nix, Six, Logan, Ell, Nine, and Twelve, in order!!
(though we hopefully won't ever need to use the last two, because that'll mean something Bad happened. they don't front unless something bad is happening :- ( which is sad. i wish they would front when good things happen, and be happy!! but they're too stuck in bad things to focus on anything else right now. i guess that's what therapy is for.)

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The world is my oyster! Thats a phrase, right? Or is it just from Spongebob? I dont know, and I don't mind either way, because it's true! I mean, first off, I definitely want an A.A. in Religious Studies from the local community college, that much is for sure. And there's this herbalism academy up in Boston I'd totally be interested in, because learning about spices and herbs sounds really fun!! I could become a Unitarian Universalist minister maybe, or go to a four-year school and get a degree in social work or teaching. I could help people, whether through social work or through religion or both! (Of course not if they didn't want religious help!! I wouldn't force it on anyone, that'd be mean and awful). I could teach elementary school maybe, or be a school counselor, or teach... I'm not sure about the word "special ed" honestly, it seems pejorative,, maybe "accommodating education"??? I don't know :- (

Gosh i kind of got carried away... but still! There's so much to do in life! And i can choose different things to do at different points in life, like I could go back to school in a couple of decades for education! I just hope everyone else will be okay... They don't like school much. I'm not super good at it either, but I like learning things like religion and herbs and how to teach people! And even more important than the school is that I could help people afterwards! aaaaa there's just so much to do in life and I'm so excited!!!!! And don't even get me started on non-career things, like weddings, cause I could go on about that too, but that's something for another post ;- )



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