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Jan. 25th, 2015 10:18 pm
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 gotta love fckin abilify. went to sleep at like 7 maybe, woke up three hours later more rested than we've been in weeks. literally what the hell are these pills im so
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Darby was talking about therapy before and it got me thinking on the track of "what if the new therapist is some kind of merging nut" and now i'm like, pissed but in the vague sort of way when there's nothing to really b pissed about but you are anyway? just the idea of someone telling us we NEED to integrate is infuriating. like, and i mean the "everyone come together, you must Be One to function properly!" kind of thing, not the "you might want to consider merging these two headmates to make things better for the whole system and themselves" thing, and even that's kind of fucking shoddy to suggest. like i swear to me, if this guy suggests merging Ell for veir own sake i'm literally going to say he's asking us to do a mercy kill. that is exactly what i'm going to say because it's exactly what that suggestion is. "get rid of vem because ve clearly cant be happy like this" eat my ass lmao

(of course i havent met the guy yet but still, i'm wary)

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  • Turn in forms and take care of library fees so we can withdraw from current HS
  • Tell Entrepreneurship teacher we're staying in her class
  • Remember to talk to therapist about divinity
  • Put together pieces of novel idea
  • Check out that church to see if it's any good
  • Wrote 100 sentences in an hour for school yesterday
  • Inadvertantly got English teacher off our back
  • Talked to therapist about future plans
  • Talked to therapist about Darby's insecurity
  • Established new sense of confidence
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Our current therapist, who doesn't specialize at all in plurality stuff, referred us to a team nearby. They're gonna do "testing" in order to get a proper diagnosis or two for us. Being told by a psych that we actually fit the criteria for DID or DDNOS would be reassuring, but we've decided that even if they say we're just a bunch of delusions, we know we're real and that's what matters at the end of the day.


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