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UGLY - a screenplay adaptation of The Ugly Duckling
untitled memoir - Nix wants to write this
untitled short story compilation - The Bard and the Lion+Cooking for Demons+Runaway Vampire - collaborative work


Jan. 28th, 2015 09:23 pm
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so we've been thinking about writing a sort of, not a memoir but a novel based on Us? like a novel about a bunch of systemmates going through the same stuff as us. like a fictionalized memoir i think? idk, it just sounds like... like "write what you know", that kind of thing. writing is hard for us because we can't stick to a single thing (which might partially be because Ell is so flickery about fiction). but writing about ourselves under the guise of fiction might work better? it's something to try out!
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  • an elf near to death is taken in by a lion/human shapeshifter, and in return must help her defeat the dragon terrorizing the area.
  • a demon wants to become a cook, but the ingredients at the center of the earth are mostly lava-based, so the demon gets a job as a cook for a divine. however, it turns out the divines eat humans, and this one in particular has sent the demon out to hunt down one particular human with a "good" (read: "well-seasoned") soul. instead, the demon decides to protect the human.
  • a traveling mouse arrives in a mouse city only to be dubbed a savior by the local prophet. thus begins a long and gruling training process marked by several mini-climaxes, only for the former traveling mouse to discover they do indeed hold some power
  • a fisher's daughter is blamed for the death of her little brother, even though it wasn't her fault. she runs away and is taken in by a vampire. they teach each other trust.
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  • Turn in forms and take care of library fees so we can withdraw from current HS
  • Tell Entrepreneurship teacher we're staying in her class
  • Remember to talk to therapist about divinity
  • Put together pieces of novel idea
  • Check out that church to see if it's any good
  • Wrote 100 sentences in an hour for school yesterday
  • Inadvertantly got English teacher off our back
  • Talked to therapist about future plans
  • Talked to therapist about Darby's insecurity
  • Established new sense of confidence


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