Jan. 23rd, 2015

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Our current therapist, who doesn't specialize at all in plurality stuff, referred us to a team nearby. They're gonna do "testing" in order to get a proper diagnosis or two for us. Being told by a psych that we actually fit the criteria for DID or DDNOS would be reassuring, but we've decided that even if they say we're just a bunch of delusions, we know we're real and that's what matters at the end of the day.
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  • Turn in forms and take care of library fees so we can withdraw from current HS
  • Tell Entrepreneurship teacher we're staying in her class
  • Remember to talk to therapist about divinity
  • Put together pieces of novel idea
  • Check out that church to see if it's any good
  • Wrote 100 sentences in an hour for school yesterday
  • Inadvertantly got English teacher off our back
  • Talked to therapist about future plans
  • Talked to therapist about Darby's insecurity
  • Established new sense of confidence
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 i don't think we've got a readily accessible headspace. i think the one we do have cant be reached except by lucid dreams, and i think the closest we've got to a waking headspace is a couple of little rooms we all hang around in. One's the "Front" room, and that's just where we hang out normally. then there's a "Lockdown" room where everyone gets thrown if someone decides theyre gonna front alone for a while. Then there's the Back, and that's where we go otherwise, and that's not readily accessible. we just go away - probably to that goddamn headcity we can't see when we're awake.

for the millionth time: we've gotta start meditating again. this shit's not gonna come around on its own.



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