Jan. 25th, 2015


Jan. 25th, 2015 03:06 pm
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 i haven't had the chance to communicate outside in a couple of months i think, so hello! i am here! until this one, Darby, becomes too tired to transcribe for me! i am in a group now, with these ones, you know them already i am sure! i have been here for two years, or almost that, and it is nice! these ones listen to me and i try to make them sleep, but it isn't easy, as they rest very badly. they used to transcribe for me and write silly things, some of it i did not do, some of it i did, most of it i did not say, but the other people they wrote with turned sour and they stopped doing that. but i am still here! :D

-Sandy (with help)

cw meds

Jan. 25th, 2015 10:18 pm
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 gotta love fckin abilify. went to sleep at like 7 maybe, woke up three hours later more rested than we've been in weeks. literally what the hell are these pills im so
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 oh go d realizations so
  1. abilify has an antipsychotic effect what if the psych was giving us that and slowly raising the dose to get rid of the headmates, what if he thought they were just Voices and he wanted to get rid of them, were jut scarcely short of 10mg oh god no we need a new psych asap
  2. i forgot the other realizations
  3. i think twelve is being too active theres a distinct flavor of Bottled Energy In A Can rn
-Nix (twelve too?????who knows who knows who knoww)))

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 current symptoms
  • rapi reapid fast
  • paranoid probably
  • lots of hand arm movmeent, fast fast fast
  • pinching scratching rubbign hands
  • dont screatch
  • overheated?????but that might be the heat and the moveing
  • going to punch slef
  • dont punch self
  • stop
  • stop
  • stop


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